5 Unique Diamond Alternatives

May 04, 2020

Diamonds. They’re forever, a girl’s best friend, and a hundred other things you’re probably tired of hearing. Now that’s no slight on diamonds; they’re still as beautiful and brilliant as ever. But if you’re looking for something different and just as dazzling, we’ve got you covered. From the deep sea to outer space (yup), we’ve gathered a handful of perfectly unique alternatives to add to your collection. 


From mint green to navy blue, this tantalizing jewel truly captures the beauty of the sea. Once believed to be a mermaid’s tear, aquamarine now adorns everything from jewelry to home décor. This gem also has the rare quality of being naturally flawless. If you’re looking for the (literally) perfect blue stone, ask your jeweler about aquamarine.

Tahitian Pearl

Also known as a black pearl, Tahitian Pearls are unique to a single type of oyster. Unlike other species, the Black Lipped Oyster is the only variety to have a dark interior shell, leading to the greenish-black hue its pearls are known for. Though these aren’t technically gems, Tahitian Pearls are truly one-of-a-kind.


Jewelry usually gets overwhelmed with deep, prominent colors like red, blue, green, or purple. If that’s not your style, Morganite offers a subtle pink alternative. This dazzling rose-colored stone closely resembles pink diamonds but is a fraction of the cost. Quickly rising in popularity, Morganite is a great option for someone looking for a soft and distinctive look.

Precious Opal

The Precious variety of this gem possesses a special trait known as Play-of-Color. When light enters a Precious Opal, it splits into an explosion of brilliant colors that constantly changes. This means you’ll never see the same sparkle twice, giving the stone an unlimited amount of new and glittering appearances.


Moissanite was first discovered in a crater left by a meteorite. From space. If you’re looking for rare and unique, there is no better option. While this gem possesses many of the same traits as a diamond, it has a distinctly different sparkle. Unfortunately, natural stones are hard to come by (how many space rocks have you seen?), but most stores offer lab-created Moissanite that’s identical in every way.

Jewelers carry a host of diamond alternatives perfect for any occasion. But if your heart’s still set on the brilliance of this precious gem, don’t worry; diamonds are still the most popular jewelry option. To find your perfect gem, diamond or otherwise, use our Find-a-Store feature to locate a jeweler near you.

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