4 Things You Need for Your Video Game Den

April 18, 2022
Video Games

Sometimes the best way to deal with a hard day is by unplugging from real life and plugging into the virtual world. You can put your stress on pause as you race between the stars, ride through fantastical landscapes, fight off hordes of hungry zombies, and more.

To make your escape even better, we've compiled a list of things to help you get the most out

Comfortable Furniture

This could probably go without saying, but no gaming setup can be fully enjoyed without good furniture. The last thing you want is aches and pains while you're in the middle of the championship game. Desktop gaming will typically lean towards an ergonomic chair that provides back, neck, and arm support. If you're gaming on the big screen, your options widen up a bit. Theater seating and luxury recliners can offer some of the best experiences you can find.

Whether you like the movement a gaming chair offers or the more relaxed options a recliner provides, the best kind of furniture is the kind you can forget about while you focus on the win. 


What's with all these different kinds of TVs? LCD, LED, QLED, OLED? It's certainly confusing if you're not familiar with the technology. The thing you should know when shopping is that all LED TVs are actually LCD TVs. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) refers to, well, the television's display, while LED (Light Emitting Diode) refers to how your display is lit. 

Most TVs (LED, QLED) either use backlights or lighting around the side panels to light up your TV. With an OLED, each individual pixel lights up. This gives you unbeatable colors, contrast, viewing angles, and more. For video games, there's really no comparison. Playing a game on a normal TV and then moving to OLED will feel like a completely new experience and you'll never want to go back. 

Surround Sound

You know what they say, “If your house isn't shaking, your bass ain't loud enough." We actually don't know if anyone says that, but it should hold true for your gaming setup. Unless you're using headphones (which is another excellent choice for audio), you'll want something more than your tinny TV speakers to bring your games to life.

Audio tech has gotten to the point where even a single soundbar can fill your room with immersive sound. But if you want to take it to the next level, a true surround sound experience will put you in your game like nothing else. With a proper setup, each bang, laugh, footstep and drop of water will sound like it's happening right next to you. The best part is you can find perfectly good options at budget prices. Win win! 

Mini Fridge

You're thirsty. You're also in the middle of (and winning) an intense game of Capture the Flag…on the moon. You can't pause, you probably shouldn't get up, but man. A drink really sounds good. The good news is, there's a fridge for that! Namely, the mini fridge.

Keep your treats, drinks, and food at arm's reach with your very own mini fridge. These come in a number of sizes, some even have warming options (for late night tacos), and some even let you add custom designs of your favorite games. Mini fridges are a must-have for game rooms and provide easy access to all your caffeine, jerky, and chip dip.

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