5 Pros and 2 Cons of Owning a Gas Griddle

June 14, 2023
Gas Griddle

Nothing quite beats the joy of cooking your favorite meats, treats, or veggies on a perfect sunny day. Whether you’re a fan of steak and shrimp or prefer a plate of seared vegetables, there’s just something special about grilling. Or, as recent trends show, there’s something really special about cooking on a gas griddle. 

These fun outdoor appliances are anything but new, but they have seen a renaissance of sorts in recent years. Most big BBQ brands now offer fancy, multi-purpose griddles, perfect for nearly every type of meal you can imagine. If you’re in the market for a new griddle, consider these pros and cons before making your big purchase.


Larger Cooking Surface

Right off the bat you can see a griddle has more space for cooking over your conventional grill. While grills do offer a lot of room for cooking, griddles utilize every inch. More surface area means more food at once, meaning you can accommodate larger groups far easier than a grill. 

Perfect Sear

Another perk of using a grill is getting that perfect sear. You’d be surprised how many of your favorite steakhouses use flattop griddles over grills. This is to give your meat an even and delicious sear. With your own griddle, you can perform your own works of meal prep art right in your back yard.


You can cook pretty much anything on a griddle, but it truly shines with breakfast food. Eggs, pancakes, you name it, you can cook it on a griddle. Feeling a little adventuresome? Mix things up with a stir fry. Want to impress your friends and family? Gas griddles are the perfect platform for putting on your own hibachi-style dinner and show.

Easy to Use

Gas griddles are remarkably simple to use. Set to your desired temp, wait until it’s hot, throw your food on. Most griddles also have very specific and distinct heat zones, allowing you to cook different types of food much easier than you could on a gas grills. 

Easy to Clean

What’s better than easy to use? Easy to clean. Griddles are so, so easy to clean. If you have a small griddle in your kitchen then you already know what a breeze they are to clean up after a meal. A little water and a spatula is really all you need. Wipe it down when you’re done and you’re all set for your next meal!



If you decide on a non-stick griddle, the maintenance is generally the same as a kitchen unit. Make sure it’s clean when you’re done, and dry when you leave. If you have a cast iron top, however, you’ll need to be a little more diligent. A lot of new griddle owners are unaware of all the work needed to maintain a good cast iron surface. These rust easily and you could ruin the surface fairly quickly if you’re not careful. Making sure it stays properly seasoned and removing any rust you see is crucial to keeping your griddle in good shape.

Greasy Food

This may not be a con necessarily, but some people aren’t fans of trapping in the grease/fat with the food they eat. A traditional grill is “healthier” by design; all the excess grease and fat drip down into the flames. On a griddle, all that sits in the food you’re cooking. This definitely adds to the flavor and juiciness of your next meal, but it’s definitely not the best choice if you’re looking for something to provide a healthier version of your favorite recipes.

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