6 Things to Know Before Buying Earbuds

March 17, 2021

As the audio industry continues to push the boundaries of technology, headphones are becoming increasingly accessible, providing better variety and more options. That being said, headphones aren't one size fits all. In this blog series, we'll be exploring the pros and cons of each type, helping you decide which is best for you.

For this post, we're focusing on earbuds. Light, discrete, and surprisingly durable, these headphones are a great fit (literally) for any number of activities. In particular, earbuds are an excellent choice for active lifestyles. They stay in your ear and allow full mobility, regardless the activity. You might sacrifice some quality for convenience, but the versatility of earbuds more than makes up the difference. 

Before purchasing, be aware of the following pros and cons you might come across with earbuds.


Snug Fit

Earbuds get close and personal. They come with a selection of inserts, allowing you to find the perfect fit. They're comfortable to the point where you almost don't notice them at all. While larger headphones can weigh heavily on your head and neck, earbuds simply don't. If you're looking for discrete, comfortable sound, you may want to consider picking up some earbuds. 

Sound Isolation

Earbuds fit directly in your ear, nearly eliminating any interference from other noises. If this isn't enough, you can opt for earbuds with active noise cancelation. The design of your earbuds matched with noise cancelation can provide you with unmatched audio clarity. Listening to your music and other audio this way can be a truly gratifying listening experience. 


What are earbuds if not mobile? ‚ÄúBut so are regular headphones," you might say. Have you ever tried running with a bulky set of headphones? It's a balancing act. You'll spend just as much time focusing on keeping them on your head as you will keeping your eyes on the road. Earbuds are light, snug, and rarely pop out of your ears, regardless the activity. 


Limited Depth

Unless you're willing to pay a premium, earbuds can't quite match the quality of on- and over-ear headphones. This is primarily due to their compact size and limited space for components. While this might not be a deal breaker for some, those looking for a wider sound range will either need to spend a little more on their headphones, or opt for an on-ear or over-ear set.

Can Damage Hearing

To be clear, this isn't limited to earbuds. All sources of sound can damage your hearing if loud enough. However, unlike other sources, earbuds are pushed right up against your eardrum. There's no space for the sound to dissipate which means your ears get the full effect. On the one hand, this is great! You're less likely to have sound interference. This also means you have a higher chance of damaging your ears if you're not careful with the volume.

Easy to Misplace

Earbuds, and particularly the wireless variety, are painfully easy to lose. You may recall when Apple first released their AirPods, complaints of losing and misplacing units lit up almost every corner of the internet. This problem isn't unique to Apple; all brands of wireless earbuds are susceptible to us being airheads. If you tend to misplace things often, take extra care with your new pair of earbuds. That, or buy a larger, bulker set of on- or over-ear headphones.

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