7 Great Workout Tips for Home Fitness

March 14, 2021
Home Workout

With Covid continuing to affect our daily lives in one way or another, many public places have enforced strict safety measures, while others have simply closed their doors to patrons. This often means our typical places of exercising are no longer available. Luckily for us, we still have our homes and plenty of options to help us stay fit and healthy. 

So how does one turn their house into a gym? You may not have all the high-end gear and machines that your neighborhood fitness center does, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a solid workout. Read on for a handful of helpful at-home tips to keep you on track for all your exercise goals  

Create Comfortable Goals

And speaking of goals, these are a crucial part of effective fitness routines, either at home or at the gym. Your goals should be something you can achieve with an appropriate and comfortable amount of work. Only you are going to what what you're capable of, so this part might take some practice. Once you have a good feel of what you're capable of, you can start setting milestones to help you reach your fitness goals.

Consistency is Key

Once you have a set of goals that you're set on, it's time to create a workout schedule to help you achieve those goals. This consistency is crucial and is much about mental exercise as it is phsyical. Whether you're planning on working out every day or 2 times a week, stick to your schedule. That's not to say you can't alter or change your workouts, but try to stick to your schedule as best you can. Your body will respond better when you have regular exercise sessions.

Stairs Stairs Stairs

Running stairs is an exercise used by athletes and fitness junkies the world ‘round. That's how effective they are. They're terrible. But they're also wonderful. If you're able (and you have access), walking up and down a flight of stairs is an excellent workout. It's great for cardio, great for your legs, great for posture. You'll hate it. You'll absolutely hate it. But your body will definitely love it. 

Find a Good YouTube Workout

You'd be surprised at how many solid workouts you can find on YouTube. While many of these videos are merely hooks to get you to subscribe to more content, there are a near-endless amount, meaning you can use continue to search and find free workouts to your heart's content. 

Upgrade Your Gear

While your house may provide the perfect location for a do-it-yourself gym, you may be left wanting more. That's fine! There are a number of affordable machines you can install with ease available at stores (or online) near you. Exercise bikes, treadmills, weights, whatever specific routine you're wanting to tackle, there's equipment for it. Always do your research before purchasing, and never buy weights or equipment outside of your comfort level. Start small and simple and work from there.

Pick Up Cycling

Spring is the perfect time to get on a bike and enjoy a bit of nature. The best part about cycling is that any level of effort, whether it's a slow cruise or intense sprint, is going to be beneficial. There's certainly a difference in the benefits gained, but you never have to exhaust yourself to cash in on some of the best perks of cycling. 

Use Your Body

Who needs weights when you have a perfectly good body? Pushups, planks, squatting, yoga and so many other sorts of equipment-free workouts exist to give you a solid bit of home fitness. Many of these workouts are  

Time for an Upgrade?

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