5 Crucial Things Every Home Office Needs

August 25, 2020
Home Office

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Nothing compares to the satisfaction of working from home. You do things at your own pace, take time off when you need it, and enjoy an environment that's comfortable and relaxed. However, sitting on your couch in pajamas won't inspire a productive day. There's a lot that goes into creating an office, and you'll need more than a table and chair for an efficient workspace. 

Here are a few vital things every work-at-home employee needs to turn a spare room into a bona fide home office. 

Purchase a Good Computer 

You won't get much work done without a solid computer. Whether you prefer the mobility of laptops or the durability of a desktop, your computer needs to be fast, secure, and come with plenty of storage. If you're wondering where to find a good option, Best Buy offers great selections for both Windows and Apple computers. 

Use a Proper Desk 

Don't work at the kitchen table. Or any table, really. More than just function, a desk affects the space you're working in. When your room feels like an office, you'll work like it's an office. A well-built desk goes a long way toward increasing productivity. Find a good option in your area with Progressive's Find a Store feature here. 

Upgrade Your Chair 

You don't want to cheap out on an office chair. That folding chair might be perfect for short sessions but it won't hold up to week-long projects. When choosing your office chair, be sure to find one that offers neck, wrist, shoulder, and back support. Remember, the better you feel in your chair, the more efficient your workday will be. 

Get Better Lighting 

Big windows offer good lighting during the day, but what happens when you decide to work late? You'd think a simple lamp or ceiling light would do the job, and you'd be mostly right. Your eyes, however, will appreciate a room lit with full spectrum bulbs. Unlike other lights, full-spectrum bulbs mimic natural sunlight. This helps reduce fatigue and eyestrain, leading to a more productive (and headache-free) workday.  

Stay Focused with Headphones 

Working from home sets you up in a private space but you'll still deal with distractions. Family, roommates, and even general noise can interfere with your work. Invest in a solid pair of headphones to help keep the sound out. If you're wondering what kind to buy, Big Lots has you covered. Check out their selection of affordable, quality headphones right here.

Turning a room into an office can be quite the ordeal. It's a lot to do all at once and budgets can get stretched quickly. If you still need a few items to complete your workplace, Progressive Leasing offers a NO CREDIT NEEDED lease-to-own purchase option. Learn more by visiting our website at progleasing.com.