How to Give Your Patio a Budget Makeover

July 06, 2020

Summer gifts us with warm, sunny days perfect for fun and relaxation. We love hosting epic barbeques and backyard parties in our own private oasis. To accommodate all our outside festivities, sometimes we need to give our patio a makeover. Luckily for us, there are many ways to liven up a patio without breaking the bank. 

Here are a few fun and affordable ways to spruce up your patio, deck, or even backyard to transform the way you spend your summer! 

Choose an affordable outdoor rug 

If you're in a rented unit and don't have the means to repaint or re-stain your patio deck, an easy way to refresh the space is by laying out a colorful patio rug. You can find several simple and affordable options from Progressive Leasing's partner retail locations.

Visit your local nursery 

Plants will liven up any space, especially a patio where you want to recreate a tropical oasis. Local nurseries provide several affordable options that will add bursts of color and life to your yard. And if you need a pot? Some work sites will give you free, leftover concrete blocks--perfect for building your own! 

Touch up the paint 

Outdoor furniture is made to withstand the elements, but colors can fade after years of wear and tear. If you have decent patio furniture already, grab a can or two of heavy-duty spray paint and touch it up!  

Outdoor music 

Every party deserves a little background music. Portable Bluetooth speakers are the perfect addition to help get your party thumping. You won't even need to look far for a good option as this popular accessory is readily available from a number of retailers. 

Small pops of color that fit your personality (i.e. outdoor pillows, patio curtains, etc.) 

Make a space look entirely new when you introduce throw pillows or colorful curtains and pots. Start rummaging through local garage sales and antique shops to find one-of-a-kind treasures that represent your personality! You can also create a whimsical ambiance at night with a few bistro lights draped over your patio.  

Shop at the right time 

Most stores stock up before big holidays in anticipation of increased sales. After the holiday, they have incredible discounts on their leftover surplus, perfect for price-conscious shoppers. Follow the social pages for big stores to watch for slashed prices.  

Updating your patio shouldn't break the bank or stress you out. In fact, with a little creative thinking, you can make your patio into just about anything you want. So whether you need a complete makeover or you just want to mix things up and add some fun, use these tricks to give your patio your own personal touch.