The 4 Best Brands for Your Kitchen

April 15, 2021

The 4 Best Brands for Your Kitchen

When it's time to upgrade a kitchen appliance, the question is always the same: What's the best deal? Price is a large part of that answer, but brands play a big role as well. Oftentimes, cheaper doesn't necessarily mean a better deal. If you're in the market for a long-lasting, dependable appliance, we've got you covered. Here are 4 leading brands of kitchen appliances, ranked. 


When Yale recently did a report on top brands, Whirlpool was #1. If sturdy, dependable, and long-lived are qualities you're in the market for, there is no better option. According to Yale's study, the repair rate of Whirlpool units was less than 5%. That means your purchase will last the longest of any brand. We say that's money well-spent.


Frigidaire is a household name across the country. This dependable brand offers a wide array of appliances, but their specialty is refrigerators (go figure). Rated by Consumer Reports and Ranker as one of the most reliable, popular brands around, Frigidaire sits in that rare space of being both budget-friendly and well-made. There's comfort in buying from brands you know, and Frigidaire provides that in spades.


Wait. Aren't these the TV guys? They are indeed. They also happen to make appliances. Really good ones, in fact. Consistently rated as one of the brands with the most well-made appliances, LG provides quality products with an expansive list of features and functions. Leaning heavily into their tech know-how, LG offers a perfect blend of sleek looks, lasting quality, and powerful performance with each of their appliances.


Another large electronics brand, Samsung is generally known for their phones and tablets. They also create TVs, computers, sound systems, wearable tech, and yes, even appliances. Pushing the boundary of technology, Samsung leads the market with new and exciting appliance functionality. Of the brands listed, none compete in terms of luxury. Ease of life is a standout feature for Samsung, with most of their units utilizing Internet of Things. This allows you to connect with, use, and monitor appliances right from your smart device.

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