The Best Equipment for Hitting Your Fitness Goals

September 20, 2023

Getting into a regular exercise routine can be a daunting endeavor. Whether it's due to lack of time, physical restrictions, or even just plain old motivation, for many people, getting (and staying) fit is often a challenge. But that doesn't mean it's impossible! It can even be fun when you settle into a comfortable fitness schedule. To better help you find a workout routine that's best for you, here are five types of equipment for overcoming those fitness woes. 

Get a Fitness Tracker

One of the simplest ways to feel motivated about exercising is actually seeing your improvements, regardless of how small they may be. And you know what excels at showing these improvements? Fitness trackers. From steps and heartrate, to calories burned, sleeping habits, distance walked and more, these handy devices are built exclusively to show you every improvement you're making. 

If watches aren't your thing, there are a ton of great apps to help you keep an eye on those fitness goals. Most trackers even come with medals or other types of achievements to keep you motivated with each milestone you hit. The best part is, you don't need to break the bank to get a tracker! Unless you're looking for a high-end model, you can find a perfectly excellent unit under $100. If you opt for the app, you'll find most offer a selection of tracking options absolutely free. 

Add Weights to Your Routine

Ever seen those people walking or at the gym holding tiny weights while they exercise? It might look odd, but there's good reason to follow their example. Adding even a few pounds to your exercise routine can help improve calorie burn, core strength, cardio endurance, and even muscle definition. 

You do need to be careful with what you use and how heavy those weights are, though. Add too much weight and you might be at risk of causing more harm than good. Stick to something light, anywhere from 1-3lbs. If you're worried about stressing your wrists and hands, consider getting ankle weights or a weighted belt. Regardless of which type of weight you choose, they're a simple and cheap way to enhance any fitness routine.

Buy the Right Kind of Shoes

The type of shoe you use for exercising has a massive impact not only on how effective your routine is, but how safe it is as well. Depending on your exercise (running, walking, home workout, etc.), you'll want to choose a pair of shoes that best fit that activity. If you're a light or moderate walker, just about any pair will do—so long as they're comfortable to walk in. Once you hit jogging and running speed, you'll want to find a pair that's far more durable and supportive.

You'll also want to take into account the frequency of your workouts. If you're only walking/running a few times a week, you can probably find a perfectly good pair at your local shoe store. If you're training for marathons, however, you may want to research a bit into what type of shoe you need.

Consider a Treadmill/Exercise Bike

There are a lot of things that get in the way of exercising outside. These can include inclement weather, your location, and sometimes we just don't want to go out. These situations can easily be remedied with some home exercise equipment. 

Exercise bikes and treadmills offer some of the very same benefits you'll get from running and biking outside. Some models go above and beyond with features and settings that you can't get from a simple job or bike ride. These machines offer ways to increase resistance, incline, and more, while some even come equipped with screens to watch your favorite workout instructor.  Just be sure to find a unit that fits well in a room or garage, where you'll feel comfortable working toward your fitness goals.