Why iPhone is the Better Device

February 10, 2021

We're here to address the age-old question, Android or Apple? Let's be honest, everyone is pretty loyal to their brand, but are you actually using the phone that is best suited to your needs? There are many pros and cons to each of them, but perhaps these tips will prompt you to be first in line at your local Apple store when they release their next gadget.


The iOS interface is clean, simple, and easy to use. If you own other Apple devices and are heavily invested into their ecosystem, you also have the ability to merge all your devices together for easy and accessible communication. Everything is easily laid out and Siri is a straight-up godsend.


You may be thinking ‚ÄúWhoa, whoa, whoa‚Ķthere's no way iPhones fit in the affordable category." Here me out. A few years ago, that may have been true. iPhones were for the ‚Äòelite and sophisticated.' However, in recent years the brand has come out with the SE budget model that can rival most bougie Android devices at a fraction of the cost! The iPhone Mini has also been recently released for those who miss fitting their devices in the back of their pocket. 


Most app developers will create an iOS product before an Android one. Did you know back in the day when Instagram was first launched it was only available to iPhone users? There's a new social platform called Clubhouse gaining some popular traction, but you'll only get to reap the benefits of this trend if you own an iPhone. So, if you're wanting to be the first to try a beta version of an app, you're more likely to find availability on the iOS platform.


There's no other videoconferencing platform easier than Facetime. While Android struggles with Google Hangouts and Zoom, Apple's built-in interface is easy to use for every iOS user. 

Accessories and Peripherals

Have you ever been an Android user and tried walking into a store to find a phone case, battery pack, charging cable, etc. only to find hundreds of Apple products? Most accessory brands invest heavier into iPhones, so you'll never have to worry about finding the best case for your device.

While there may be some who debate over the iPhone vs. Android preference, it's all just going to come down to your personal needs. If you're needing an upgrade in a pinch, Progressive Leasing can help you stay connected today. All you need is to find a retailer near you and apply to get started at www.progleasing.com.

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