Shop Smart with These 7 Tips

March 03, 2021

Now that we're well past the holiday phase of the year, many of us are still trying to recoup our bank accounts. With summer sales just around the corner, here are a few smart spending habits to keep your wallet healthy:

Use a budget

This may seem like a no-brainer, but until you actually write out your monthly budget, it's really hard to keep one. List out your monthly expenses and stick to a plan to keep you from spending too much.

Use an appl to save

Did you know there are apps that round up to the nearest dollar on each of your purchases that puts those funds into a savings account? You may not miss a few cents here or there, but after a few months you could have a few hundred dollars sitting in an account from your regular shopping!

Shop secondhand

Not everything we need to buy has to be purchased new. Did you know that clothing is one of the largest contributors to using fossil fuels? Chances are you have quite a few things in your closet you haven't worn in a while. While you're spring cleaning, go and exchange a few outfits that look brand new! The best part is you can shop name brand items at a fraction of the price.

When you buy, get quality

How many times have you purchased an item, only to need to re-buy it a few months later because it wore out faster? This can be true from jeans to televisions. If you plan on investing in something new, be sure to check the reviews and quality of the items so you don't need to spend more money to replace it later. 

Reward programs

So many retailers host their own customer reward programs! Earn discounts, cash back, BOGO deals, and so much more! If you frequent a store often, make sure to check for any apps or email lists they have to take advantage of these deals.

Use a shopping list

Walking into a store aimlessly without a list leads to many random items in the cart we may not actually need. If you walk into a store with a purpose and list of essentials, you can spend less time wandering the aisles that wreaks havoc onto your credit card.

Use a credit card with benefits

Most credit cards issue a cash back bonus, airline mileage bonuses, etc., but many also issue local deals on restaurants, entertainment, and much more. Be sure to take advantage of all your card has to offer by reading the terms on your account. Chances are, you're missing out on a ton of freebies!