Take a Seat! Finding Your Perfect Chair

March 19, 2021

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We should never have to sacrifice comfort for style, but there's more to your living room furniture than the simple functional aspect. Chairs can tie a room together, bring out a pop of color, or simply add some extra seating to entertain guests. Here are the main categories of chairs to keep in mind as you furniture shop:

The Reading Chair

Need a large lounger chair to curl up and spread out? Look for wide, circular chairs with deep cushions to sink into. These are spacious and plush and designed with round curves and corners for extra comfort.

The Napping Recliner

These are optimal for Netflix binge seating. Kick up your feet and lay back. Depending on your budget, you can opt in for electric loungers, heated seats, built in coolers, and so much more! They don't always have to be eye-sore giant hunks of fluff either. Recliners have gotten much more modern over the years to fit in with your home décor.

The Showstopper

These accent pieces make guests jealous of your ‚ÄòPinterest worthy' seating arrangements with unique designs and flourishes. Wingback chairs, egg chairs, swing chairs, etc. This is the piece that ties all your other d√©cor together with a little extra oomph! 

The Chaise

Is it a couch or a chair? This could really fit into either category but is a gorgeous option to add to a study or reading area. 

The Traditional Armchair

Sometimes the functional family option is the best way to go. The traditional armchair is sturdy and classic and easy to find in every fabric. 

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